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Say Goodbye to Car Talk You Don’t Understand =)

California Automotive and Mobile Mechanics
We offer a variety of services including auto repair, oil changes, and vehicle tune-ups so you can be a chick on the move. If you’re tired of getting the runaround somewhere else, or just want to understand your car better, we are the perfect choice for women drivers … and men, too.

No Mechanical Degree Required
Our handy carchick staff will answer your questions and give you immediate mobile auto repair service. No need to ask Dad ever again! Allow us to pick up your car, fix it, and bring it right back to you. Yes, it’s THAT easy! We want to help to get your car fixed, and explain the problem in a language you actually understand!

Running on Reliability
We know that you need a vehicle that runs and runs well! We provide full-service brake repair and checks. Get your oil changed, front-end worked on, suspension work, and complete engine repair all in one place.

We also offer full-servicing of transmissions and related work for BMW®, Toyota®, Honda®, Kia®, Nissan®, and Mercedes® vehicles. Of course we service the American cars too. We’re ALL you need when you need it ALL for your car!

Vehicle Diagnostic Services
We utilize the best computer diagnostic scanners on the market today. We are able to provide you with the best and most efficient path of recovery for the symptoms your vehicle presents and what it is telling the computer brain.

So You Think You Know Cars?
Our savvy technician Bekah also offers hands-on seminars for auto repair and maintenance at a number of local universities including UCLA and Caltech. Stop by or contact us for information on upcoming seminars. Ladies and gents, this is helpful information you don’t want to miss!


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